Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bob Dylan Update

In my pursuit of things Dylan since I first became interested in him in mid-March 2008 ("Late To The Party"), I now own the following Bob Dylan CDs - i.e., every CD he has officially made and released, except for the complete set of "The Original Mono Recordings" (a re-release of the monophonic originals of his first eight albums, from "Bob Dylan" through "John Wesley Harding") and the duplicative "Essential Bob Dylan" and "Greatest Hits Vol. I and Vol. III" albums (Vol. II has some original songs and alternate versions that are not on any other CDs, so I recently bought it). I've also added the Amnesty International "Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan" 4-disc CD set to my collection, Tempest, and the Blu-ray of The Other Side of the Mirror.

Another Side Of Bob Dylan
The Basement Tapes (Bob Dylan and The Band)
Before The Flood (Bob Dylan/The Band)
The Best Of The Original Mono Recordings
Blonde On Blonde (remastered)
Blood On The Tracks (remastered)
Bob Dylan (1962 - his first album)
Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration
Bob Dylan At Budokan
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II
The Bootleg Series: Vols. 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased)
The Bootleg Series: Vol. 4 ("Royal Albert Hall" concert)
The Bootleg Series: Vol. 5 (Rolling Thunder Revue)
The Bootleg Series: Vol. 6 (Live 1964)
The Bootleg Series: Vol. 7 (No Direction Home Soundtrack)
The Bootleg Series: Vol. 8 (Tell Tale Signs)
The Bootleg Series: Vol. 9 (The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964)
Bringing It All Back Home (remastered)
Chimes Of Freedom (produced for Amnesty International by various artists - 73 songs on 4 CDs)
Christmas In The Heart
Desire (remastered)
Down In The Groove
Dylan 3CD Edition (2007)
Dylan (1973) aka "A Fool Such As I"
Dylan & The Dead (Remastered/Reissued)
Empire Burlesque
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (remastered)
Good As I Been To You
Hard Rain
Highway 61 Revisited (remastered)
I'm Not There (movie soundtrack as performed by various artists; unlike the movie, only the title song is sung by Dylan)
Infidels (original)
John Wesley Harding (remastered)
Knocked Out Loaded
Live At The Gaslight
Love And Theft (limited 2-disc edition)
Masked And Anonymous (movie soundtrack - includes only 4 of the 8 songs Dylan performed)
May Your Songs Always Be Sung Again: The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol. 2
Modern Times (limited edition w/DVD)
MTV Unplugged (music CD + DVD)
Nashville Skyline (remastered)
New Morning
Oh Mercy (remastered)
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
Planet Waves (remastered)
Real Live
Self Portrait
Shot Of Love
Slow Train Coming (remastered)
Street-Legal (CD remastered/SACD)
Time Out Of Mind
The Times They Are A-Changin'
Together Through Life (Deluxe 2-disc + DVD)
Under The Red Sky
World Gone Wrong

Don't Look Back (2-DVD edition)
Dylan Speaks: The Legendary 1965 Press Conference in San Francisco
I'm Not There
Masked And Anonymous
MTV Unplugged
No Direction Home: A Martin Scorsese Picture
The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan Live at the Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965


dd said...

Which album is your favorite?

EricW said...

That's a tough call! I, like most people, consider Blood On The Tracks and Blonde on Blonde to be great. John Wesley Harding and Time Out Of Mind, too. Christmas In The Heart is a blast, but his voice is gone - terrible, terrible, the toll of cigarettes and who knows what else. I started with the 3-CD DYLAN compilation and then bought many of the others as I encountered them used or on sale. Click on the Dylan tag to see my other posts here about Bob. To tell the truth, though, I've hardly listened to any music of any kind for months now. I go in spells.